Implementation Process

The process to implement your solution


The Monterosa team that implements your app depends on the level of integration and complexity. However, in general the below applies.




Main point of contact for client communications throughout the project. The producer communicates client requirements to the Solutions Engineer.

Solutions Engineer

This role combines technical knowledge of multiple different technical systems: Gitlab, Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™, Bitrise, AppStoreConnect and Google Play.

The solutions engineer creates, tests and launches the app in collaboration with the producer who manages the client through the process.

Commercial lead

Involved in the commercial agreement and handover to the producer at the start of the project.


Involved in creating a small number of specialised assets for each app build.

Illustrative Process (TV Series)

The below process explains how the delivery of an app with no customisation typically works.




  • Producer creates project documents:

    • App Spec

    • Budget doc

  • Producer + Commercial Lead finalise commercial terms

    • Agree answers to open questions

    • Agree and schedule any custom modifications


Producer provides standard design document

Designer creates custom versions of any assets needed, e.g.

  • Splash screen

  • Images with local language text


Producer completes App Configuration Template in conjunction with clients.

Solutions Engineer uses this to set up apps, including:

  • Create Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ projects for staging and dev using standard the platform app specs

  • Set up all the platform extensions and dependencies

  • Set up AppStore and Google Play accounts

  • Set up new app projects on Bitrise for iOS and Android

  • Build and deploy staging apps

  • Set up accounts on all required tools used by the apps - crashlytics, firebase, GA etc.

  • Set up all app copy

  • Set up all app settings specific to country


Producer manually checks staging app to ensure it meets client requirements.

Solutions Engineer sets up automated testing of the app, including:

  • Set up automated test environment and configure for these apps

  • Run automated tests and correct any issues

  • Provide staging builds of apps to clients for review


Producer leads handover to client team, including:

  • Provision of production manual, adjusted for any options

  • Setup of the plaform accounts

  • Run training session with local producers

Content production

  • Local client producers create content for the app using the platform

  • Producer supports them if any queries arise

  • Producer reviews all pre-launch content in app to ensure it is set up correctly.


  • Solutions Engineer creates production apps and shares them to all parties via Testflight and Google Play.

  • Solutions Engineer submits iOS build for review

  • Producer communicates status with client and gets final sign off for launch

  • Producer ensures capacity planning is complete and support team are ready for launch.

  • Producer runs pre-launch checklist meeting with all internal parties.

  • Solutions Engineer launches app


  • Support Engineer provides live support during voting events

  • Producer is on hand for early shows and first voting events to ensure all parties know what to do.


  • Solutions Engineer sets up Google Data Studio report for apps which present Google Analytics data for clients

  • Producer makes sure clients have access to analytics and ensures they know how to interpret them.

Commercial Reporting

  • Producer shares key commercial data points with client and ensures they are interpreting them correctly


  • Producer agrees with client when final content has been published into the app and series has finished.

  • Producer requests decommission of the app

  • Solutions Manager closes down non-essential systems and leaves the app in the agreed final post-show state.

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