Core Concepts

The core concepts underpinning Player Layer

Player Layer™️ is an SDK which is deployed into your apps and sites, augmenting existing video players. It is configured and controlled in real time by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud ™️ Studio.


Layers are overlays, placed in a nominated position over the video. In the example below, the layer is a poll.


This is a visual indicator which appears on top of the video which a user can tap on to open an interactive Element. The TouchBug is fully configurable in terms of design and can be positioned in real time by the producer from Studio. The Producer can determine whether a particular Element should be opened by the user or whether it should automatically open without any user action. The Producer can also configure a TouchBug to 'pulse' in order to attract more attention from the user.

The Producer can also configure a TouchBug to 'pulse' in order to attract more attention from the user.

Alert Banner Text

The Producer may also add an animating Alert Banner strap line to the TouchBug in order to provide additional explanation to the user and draw further attention.

Schedule & Events

Player Layer uses the Interaction Cloud's concept of an Event Schedule. An Event has a duration, a start and an end time which can be absolute or relative.

The event can represent the duration of a TV show or a sports game, or it can be a longer period of activity such as a day or a week. This is designed to encourage real-time thinking.

Here is an example of the Studio console showing a range of events.

  • Manual - waiting to be started manually

  • Live - live now

  • Upcoming - scheduled to start in future

  • On-demand - available at any time

Inside every Event is a Timeline on which you can add, remove and edit two-way interactivity with the platform's content Elements. These include Polls, Trivia, Products and an ever-growing array of interactive units.


Unlike a traditional CMS, the Interaction Cloud does not just publish content one-way, it listens to the audience's response and re-publishes live results so that all users can feel like they're part of a community of participants. For example seeing what percentage of people answered a poll option and where their opinion sits on the public scale.

Interactive content Elements are the building blocks of Player Layer - content items that can be scheduled to appear at a specific time on a video's timeline or published at a specific point in time. The Interaction Cloud supports both live triggering and pre-scheduled content in live streaming and on-demand environments.

Each Element has its own settings and characteristics. This illustrates a Quiz Element being setup by a content producer. It can be setup in advance and triggered to appear only when needed.

To learn more about Element configuration read the Element Configuration guide.

Publishing Elements in Studio

All content Elements are created, scheduled or published live from Studio either manually or automatically via integration into an external CMS or data feed.

When an Element is created and published into the Timeline, it triggers instantly within live events. Most users will receive the Poll, Article or other Element in under a second. Elements can usually be Revoked if a mistake is made. In on-demand use cases the changes may require the video asset to be reloaded.

Player Layer Element Types

Element types currently supported include polls, quiz questions, text, image, eCommerce product promotion (with or without poll). Custom Elements - for example with integrated data feeds - can be added as required as custom extensions.

Player Layer is a beta product under development. New Elements are being added and changed frequently without notice.

Poll Element

Shoppable Poll Element

Custom Layer Element for Sports Data

The example below illustrates a custom layer for a specific sport, developed as a Layer extension by the Monterosa team.

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