UI Configuration

A guide to configuring Player Layer UI Elements

Player Layer is set up and configured within Studio. Global settings can be changed dynamically within App Setup and will be applied immediately. The selections here will be used as the default styling for all Player Layer Elements. The following components can be configured:

  • Colours

  • TouchBugs

  • Alert Banners

  • Animations

  • Elements

This section follows a hierarchical approach to provide as maximum flexibility. There are two main levels:

  1. Universal Default styling

  2. Element-specific styling

Universal Default Styling

This global styling section is the highest level of the hierarchy. If this section is populated, all the subsequent Element-specific styling settings are left blank, then all Element types will use these same settings.

This reduces the work required if you want the look and feel to remain the same for all Element types.

Element-specific styling

Elements inherit their styling from the Universal Default Styling. Therefore you can edit as little or as much as you with on the Element-specific level. If all Elements need their own style then you can specify them individually.

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