Interaction SDK

An overview of Monterosa / Interaction SDK v1
Monterosa / Interaction SDK v2 is currently in closed Beta with selected partners. It includes the ability to Embed Experiences into your applications, and to Build custom Experiences.
Control API v2 is available now
Experiences are real-time applications built using the Interaction Cloud infrastructure, also known simply as Apps. The benefits of creating an Experience include:
  • Instant scalability
  • Access to production-ready backend-services
  • Speed of data comms
  • Control and configuration via Studio interface
  • Feeds to TV and Big Screen graphics systems
  • Monterosa Support and additional services
Before getting started, read about the overall concepts and understand what an Experience is.

Front-end Libraries

The platform provides libraries which enable developers to create Experiences that are managed by Studio:

Backend APIs

Other APIs and libraries available to developers are:
  • Control API: This is the most powerful backend API available. It provides a way to dynamically control event, element and all content creation within the platform, and the way to extract data. The Control API is used to connect the platform to external content management systems, TV graphics and other systems.
  • Curate JavaScript API: a simple way to retrieve curated social data from the platform's Curation.
  • Public Feeds: these are JSON feeds provided as an alternative way for a client app to access published content and listings by client applications. They are hosted on a CDN and have high-volume capacity. They are used to avoid making more resource-hungry socket connections to the platform.
  • Gamify API: this is available on request due to sensitivity of data provided. If you are an existing customer please raise a ticket via support or speak to your Customer Success Manager.