V23.1 adds elements colour coding, features allowing creation of a better project-tailored Studio UI, and bugfixes. It's fully backwards compatible, thus does not require any changes from SDK users and app developers.

Element colour coding

You can now specify a colour associated with a specific type of element. This allows you to create a timeline which is much more readable, especially for complex timelines. The element type colour can be specified via the Element Spec. Multiple formats for specifying the colour are supported.
This is how it might look

Non-editable element duration

We've added support for the element duration mode where element duration is defined in the Element Spec and can not be changed via LViS Studio interface. This is useful for projects where certain types of elements always have the same duration. This feature will help you to avoid the risk of incorrect duration being set via LViS Studio. The UI for this is the same as for normal duration input, except that in this case the duration input field is disabled.
Some projects do not support embed and preview features, for example projects that use native apps. Now there is a way to remove these links from the Studio UI via the App Specs.

Future events in listings

This is now set to 0 by default.

Disabled locales handling

  • You can now import from a project with disabled locale into a project which doesn't have same locale at all, where before the destination project would have to also have the same disabled locale for the export-import to succeed.
  • Field values of disabled locales are ignored on cloning - they will not be present in the clone.

App spec

Improved diagnostics and error reporting during app spec loading. Errors now also include links to the app spec file with a problem.


Please see Changelog for latest version.


  • Save button is not disabled while image is uploading in app setup/event settings
  • Multiple elements with the same content type are allowed in the elements spec
  • Multiple elements with the same name are allowed in the elements spec
  • Long app name overlaps list control
  • Timing tab validation on element form broken when start mode is changed from "Timecode" to "Manual"
  • Control API events creation limit is applied to the event import functionality
  • Current audio sync settings aren't applied to the elements on event clone, but are taken from the original element instead
  • List control doesn't transform into a dropdown view mode on prefill
  • Image preview scaling is broken for vertical images in Chrome
  • Update of a published element in on-demand state is broken - the changes do not propagate to the client app
  • Searching for events with non-Latin symbols on the Schedule page is broken