Listings contain a list of Events. Please check here for more detail on how they work.
<static host>/projects/<first two chars of project UUID>/<project UUID>/listings.json


  • project objects contains a project data
    • uuid project UUID
    • app_settings URL to the application project-level settings JSON file without schema, i.e. // (string, optional)
    • audio_sync_default_delay all content will be delayed by this many seconds for clients which do not explicitly set audio delay
    • audio_sync_max_delay this is maximum delay value The App is allowed to set
    • tracking_id google analytics id to track user actions on client-side (string)
    • embed project embed url without schema, i.e. // (string)
    • history_ignore how long in seconds from the start of event there's no need to read data from CDN/history (because data exists in enmasse cache) (integer)
    • is_localisation_supported flag indicates whether the localisation is enabled or not (boolean)
    • locales list of locales enabled in the project (array)
  • events array of event objects
    • id event UUID
    • name event name (string)
    • start_at event start time, unix timestamp (integer)
    • start_at_iso event start time in ISO format (string)
    • end_at event end time, unix timestamp (integer)
    • end_at_iso event end time in ISO format (string)
    • started flag indicates whether event started or not (boolean)
    • image_url URL to the event image without schema, i.e. // (string)
    • custom_fields object with event's custom fileds in format of key-value
    • digest hash digest of an event data. If something changes digest will change as well.
    • extra_time seconds after episode when client uses data in enmasse cache rather than CDN (integer)
  • assets object with assets exported by service, where key is a service type and value is an array of assets. For details about assets format see Assets.
"project": {
"uuid": "402f23e5-24fe-474d-a011-f034025ca34d",
"app_settings": "//",
"audio_sync_default_delay": 0,
"audio_sync_max_delay": 0,
"tracking_id": "UA-XXXXX-X",
"embed": "//",
"is_localisation_supported": true,
"locales": [{
"key": "de",
"default": false,
"name": "Deutsch"
}, {
"key": "en",
"default": true,
"name": "English"
"events": [
"id": "321449cd-467b-4bae-8186-1e1710ad6212",
"name": "Test event",
"start_at": 1407249942,
"start_at_iso": "2014-08-05T14:45:42Z",
"end_at": 1407250061,
"end_at_iso": "2014-08-05T14:47:41Z",
"started": true,
"image_url": null,
"custom_fields": {
"en" {
"field_key": "value"
"digest": "b2048ef76ef3dc9718e3b543900cd4d6baf7c31c"
"assets": {
"submissions": [
"name": "logo",
"data": ""