"Forms" is a form builder and a secure data storage Extension that provides our Apps with a way to include Competition Entry, Lead Generation and other types of data capture.

How to setup and use the Forms Extension

Forms allows you to create competition entry or data capture forms. These submit data to the platform, which can be exported as a CSV in Studio’s Forms tab.
Firstly you must ensure that your Project has Forms enabled. If it does not, create a support ticket by emailing [email protected]
You can either create new form or use any existing one by importing it from another Project, let's review the 1st case:
  • Click to "CREATE NEW FORM" on "Forms" tab in your Project
  • Specify Form Name
  • Populate content of your form under Header and Form tabs by adding UI elements (e.g. Input Text, Drop Down Lists, Radio buttons, Images, Postcodes and more
  • You can also add validation to these fields: e.g. mandatory or optional, email format, only numbers, postcode with some custom format, etc.
  • Validation of any field might be easily extended to any format you'd like via Regexp
  • Each field can be configured to accept unique values (e.g. user can submit more than 2 forms with the same email)
  • You can setup "Thanks for Voting" screen after user has been submitted a form, as well as "Submission is closed" As the result, you will get the form ready to be displayed in client app
Let's add some style by adding custom CSS and JS (if needed), this is Skin, which can be assigned to a submission form. Here are some examples:
Once a form is published within the event, users start voting and publishing results which you can view online by clicking on "View Records"
Your form can be triggered at various points in a user journey:
  • When the app loads
  • When the user passes a specified points threshold
  • Before entering app
  • When the user answers question correctly
  • When the user participates in a poll or rating
  • Can be manually triggered by producer
  • List of forms can also be displayed as a list on a separate tab in the app
  • Several different forms can be configured and used per 1 project, for ex. 1 form will be displayed for users, who scored 100pts, another for users who scored 200pts
Other Features Supported
  • Single or multiple stepped forms
  • Simple form builder using form element building blocks
  • Styled using a simple skin.css (custom JavaScript is supported)
  • CSV Results export from Forms tab