Curation is a service that provides content creators with a simple way to moderate incoming content. Curation is not designed to replace fully-featured alternatives, it is a simple way to include social media curation within an M/ICApp. Some of the features are described below.

Supported Content Sources

Curation currently supports incoming content via:

  1. Twitter (free API) and

  2. Meme Maker Service (internal Monterosa app)

Profanity filtering

User name and post/tweet text are checked for profanities. If a profanity is found then the post is ignored.

Twitter filtering

In addition to profanity filtering other types of filters are applied:

  • number of followers

  • tweet must not be a retweet or a reply

  • user must be using a custom (not default) avatar

  • minimal tweet length

  • tweet must not start with @

  • tweet must not contain too many hashtags

Multiple search terms

You can specify multiple search terms. For a search result to qualify it must match at least one of the terms specified, i.e. in technical terms they are ORed

ORed is a technical term meaning connected using logical OR operator (rather than for example AND)

Manual mode

The Incoming list displays only 20 loaded posts. The number of newly loaded posts, later on, will be displayed in the label above. Clicking that label is going to load the newest 20 posts from those posts.

How incoming list works

The incoming list fetches results from enabled sources several times a minute, combines the top most recent results between all sources and displays a limited number of top results from the combined list.

Let's say two sources are enabled: twitter and meme maker and incoming list displays 20 results. We fetch results from all sources and then combine them so that each source is represented equally as far as this is possible. If one source does not have enough results then results from other sources are taken, again with equal representation.

If any of the sources returns more results than incoming list can accommodate then excess results are discarded. These are the results which are older than the ones that make it into incoming list. The logic behind this is that most up to date results are of most interest and usually there is not enough time to look through all results in a live production scenario.

How publishing works

Only a limited number of latest published results are available to the client app.