As npm module

You can use latest version from Monterosa's private npm registry. Make sure you have npm installed version 6 or greater.

Obtaining npm registry account To obtain Monterosa's npm registry account please write request to [email protected]

Log into Monterosa' registry with existing account credentials:

$ npm login --registry=http://npm.monterosa.co --scope=@monterosa

Install package

$ npm install @monterosa/[email protected]^23 --save

Hereafter you will be able to use Leaderboard API in your code:

import Leaderboard from 'lvis-leaderboard-api';

As direct include

If you are not using npm registry you are able to include Leaderboard API by injecting JavaScript into head section of your HTML document:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//api.lvis.io/lvis-leaderboard/23.1.0/leaderboard.js"></script>