JavaScript Lib Overview

Getting started with the JavaScript library

As npm module

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud (M/IC) was previously known as LViS. As such, you will find API documentation using the term.

The M/IC JavaScript library is installed via npm and is used to build applications that run on the Monterosa platform.


In order to use the library as npm module you need:

  • Monterosa private npm registry account. In order to get the account please send a request to support.

  • npm version 6 or higher


  • Log into Monterosa registry with existing account credentials

$ npm login --registry= [email protected]
  • Install package

$ npm install @monterosa/[email protected]^23 --save
  • Import the module

import LViS from '@monterosa/lvis-api';

As direct include

If you're not into package management, you can download build and place it in vendor folder or include The M/IC API by injecting JavaScript into head section of your HTML document:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//">

You can get the list of available versions in Changelog section.