Manage LViS delegate.
weak var delegate: LViSDelegate? { get set }


Init LViS.
func initialize(projectUuid: String, host: String)

Get all events

Returns all LViS events.
func getAllEvents() -> [Event]

Get server time

Returns server time in seconds.
func getServerTime() -> Int64

Set delay

Set delay for sync purposes - this delay in seconds is measured by a third-party ACR library.
func setDelay(delay: Int)

Subscribe to event

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to LViS event.
func subscribe(event: Event, completion: ((success: Bool, error: NSError!)->Void)!)
func unsubscribe()
func unsubscribe()

Historical Elements

To decide if historical elements are needed please use the following property:
var shouldAlsoPublishHistoricalElements: Bool { get set }


To get current project please use the method:
public func getProject() -> Project?
As you see there project is an Optional type.


Release LViS resources.
func close()