Working with Gamify

Features and Capabilities of the Gamify Extension

What is the Gamify Extension?

The Gamify extension, part of the Monterosa / Interaction Cloud, provides organisations with a highly scalable, secure way to inject compelling and valuable gamification into their websites and apps, delivering value via:
  • a more compelling experience for users
  • personal data via sign-up or registration
  • user behaviour profiling
  • increased levels of loyalty
  • build engaged communities through shared experiences
The Gamify Extension works closely with the Identify Extension.
The Identify Extension provides the ability to create an identity for the purposes of login/authentication, profiling and ongoing storage of data associated with specific user
API Reference The Gamify API is currently available to internal developers. Contact us to discuss in-house teams developing against it.
A public API is available for retrieving Leaderboards.

Core Capabilities

  • SecureScore backend scoring mechanic
    • Front end apps utilise a consistent, secure backend scoring mechanic for the purposes of marking and submitting scores.
    • The backend controls the score and the points assigned, without trusting the front end app and thereby being easy to hack
  • Rewarding interaction and attendance with points for actions
    • Interactive Elements can all reward the user with interaction points for engagement.
  • Dynamic trivia challenge point-scoring
    • Gamify supports timed trivia question competitions that award points and form leaderboards.
  • Prediction game point-scoring
    • Users can take part in pre-event prediction challenges where results are revealed after the real life event concludes.
  • Estimation game point-scoring
    • Users can take part in ‘best guess’ win competitions or tie-breakers where a number is picked and closest to this answer wins or scores greater points.
  • QuickFire Questions (decreasing points)
    • As well as standard point scoring, the service supports a decreasing points mechanic where potential points to be scored reduce with each second the user doesn’t submit an answer to a question.
    • Points can be decreased linearly or exponentially and can be timed to the millisecond.
  • Per Round, Per Event, Grouped Leaderboards, and All-Time Leaderboards
    • All types of Leaderboard can be ranked in ascending (1,2,3,4) or relative (1,1,1,4) order, meaning producers and hosts have a mechanism to resolve tie-breakers of users on the same points, with random number draws.
  • Private Leagues
    • We support the ability for users or producers to create private leagues and compete against each other within the private league.
  • Power-ups
    • Enhance gameplay and user autonomy by awarding power-ups for users to use in game to receive impactful bonuses.
    • Power-ups can be automatically awarded for various user interactions.
  • ContentPass: Lockable elements and competition entry behind sign-up, VIP codes, or access tiers
    • A secure service defined by the Producer which can easily allow exclusive access to content or areas on a site only to users who are either signed in, have a special customer controlled access code, or meet a predefined access tier.
  • Awarding points for simply returning daily to an app
    • Award users bonus points for their loyalty. This can be done either by returning regularly to the app within various time periods, a cumulative amount of logins, or for interacting consecutively gaining a streak.
  • Granting content or competition access based on achieving a points threshold
    • Automatic thresholds can be set to allow users reaching marked thresholds access to competition forms, exclusive content or VIP areas in a secure, auditable and maintainable manner.
  • Integrated with Identify
    • User registration, sign-in, and point scoring activity is all captured in the unified Identify and Gamify service.
  • User Management, Search and Moderation tools
    • Creators can search for, edit or delete users in real time with targeted search of:
      • usernames
      • ranks
      • point scores
    • Usernames can also be vetted at source using Identify's in-built profanity filter tool.
  • Management and Scaling of large Concurrent Users
    • The service can handle, and is tested at, a load of 500K concurrents and can quickly scale up beyond this if required.
  • SSO integration
    • Ability to connect existing SSO services into the connected Identify service to link existing external user accounts directly with Gamify.
  • Warehouse integration
    • Gamify activity can be securely integrated into your existing data warehouses via our data pipeline management system.
    • Gamify data is also part of Monterosa's Lakehouse and able to be used within any data solution.
Scaling Regularly tested at 500K concurrents and can quickly scale up beyond this if required.
Username Search in Identify
The Gamify Service Dashboard
Backend Leaderboard in the Gamify Service
Scoring and Ranking Settings plus enabling the Daily Bonus Points value in Gamify

Supported FanKit Elements

FanKit is the underlying web-based framework behind most Interaction Cloud Experiences targeting browser or WebView consumption modes. Some of those
Element type
Add points for user interaction with a poll.
Add points for a user correctly answering a trivia element.
Add points for a user correctly predicting a result with this element.
Pick a Number
Add points for user interaction with the estimation element on a sliding scale.
Word Puzzle
Add points for user correctly completing a word puzzle challenge.
Event User Score
Display User Points Score for the Event.
Round User Score
Display User Points Score for a round within an Event.
Project Leaderboard
Display the overall User Points Score covering all Events on that Project.
Event Leaderboard
Display the Gamify Event Leaderboard of all user point scores.
Round Leaderboard
Display the Gamify Round Leaderboard of all user point scores.
Group Leaderboard
Display a summed group of selected Event Leaderboards of all user point scores
Score Predictor
Sports predictor with scores for both teams
Score Predictor with Multiplier
Sports predictor with scores for both teams with additional functionality to provide score multiplying effects.
Quick Picks
Team selector with choice of players for each position
Data Capture
Form collecting user data for competitions etc

New Features Coming Soon

The following features are currently in development or in experimental branches, destined for the core service:
  • Awarding Badges, Rewards and Achievements
The Unlockables Section on Monterosa / Identify
  • ‘Unlockables’ section in ‘Identify’ can be configured to cover thresholds for what a user can or can't access by any given parameter which could be:
    • a VIP code (This feature is currently available)
    • a user being signed up/signed in (This feature is currently available)
    • an achievement gained by a user or returning daily to an app or any other determined threshold which can be stored in Identify (This feature is currently in progress)
  • Items the user has unlocked visible on the Front end App
    • FanKit does not yet have a product feature to to show which items a user has 'unlocked', currently this information is stored on the Backend so we have a roadmap feature to develop this functionality.
  • Clans & team play
    • An extension of the private leagues functionality where by a private league is instead treated as a 'clan' or 'team'. Clans will be able to work together towards shared goals and compete against other Clans.