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Regular Poll Element

Implements all methods of the parent class.


enum State {


interface Callback {
void onStateChanged(State state);
void onResults();
void onVote();

Get question

Returns poll question.
Question getQuestion();

Get options

Returns poll options.
List<Option> getOptions();

Get results

Returns JSON array of results.
JsonArray getResults();
Returns results for each source.
JsonArray getResultsPerSource();

Get user vote

Returns array where each element is an option index you've voted for.
int[] getUserVote();

Get qualifying hashtags

Returns array of qualifying hashtags.
String[] getQualifyingHashtags();

Get min options per vote

Returns minimum number of options user should vote for.
int getMinOptionsPerVote();

Get max options per vote

Returns maximum number of options user can vote for.
int getMaxOptionsPerVote();

Is validated user required

Returns true if validated user required.
boolean isValidatedUserRequired();

Has user voted

Returns true if user already voted.
boolean hasUserVoted();

Has results

Returns true if results present and state of element satisfies reveal mode.
boolean hasResults();


Vote for specified option indexes (zero-based numbering). Returns true on success.
boolean vote(int[] optionIndexes)