An introduction to the Monterosa Gameshow Live solution

Gameshow Live is the proven interactive video gameshow solution.

Powered by the Monterosa Interaction Cloud, Gameshow Live helps you bring audiences together to compete for prizes and kudos in short, intense bursts of competitive gameplay. Outside of live windows, players can practice and hone their skills, within the live experience they compete to stay in the game and avoid elimination. Winners who reach the final question split the prize pot.

To dive in immediately, take the Product Tour and refer to the Feature Reference.

Created for media companies, sports organisations and brands, Gameshow Live is a robust, proven and scalable with a vast array of functionality ready-made within both iOS and Android native apps.

The mobile-web version of Gameshow Live is an alternative solution that allows you to embed gameshows into your existing apps and websites. It is in beta and will be launched fully in summer 2020.

Gameshow live helps you build a direct audience relationship where you're in control of data, messaging and content. Create value via data registration, app installs, brand partnerships and advertising.